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Eqwires Research Analyst - Reviews and Complaints

Facts About Eqwires Reviews

  • First of all, we are in service industry and that too in Stock market which everyone knows how volatile and unpredictable are.
  • Service industry has always remain sensitive specially in stock market because we can’t satisfy 100% customers. Though we are providing best services, 5 to 10 people out of 100 will remain unsatisfied due to one or another reason.
  • People complaints not because our services and support are poor but it’s because we can’t fulfill their requirements as they want. We never make wrong commitments or fake promises but still we can’t satisfy 100% of our customers.
  • People coming here are having different minds, requirements, capital, risk taking ability and many more. So it’s always difficult to make everyone happy.
  • Some people are very conservative which can’t handle market volatility and expect miracles from our side which remains unsatisfied. Those who have patience and those who can handle stock market volatility can always stay here for long term and earn good profit.
  • We are providing service in stock market which is not in any individual's hand and we are not God who runs this market. We are providing services based on some strategies, techniques, technical and fundamental research and most important thorough our experience but it is not 100% perfect though it works well. We are human beings and we can be wrong at any point but we are sensible and responsible who care for others money.
  • As you know markets are volatile due to one or another reason and it impact our services directly because our most of the packages are based on daily trading which are highly impacted by day to day movements.

Complaints of Eqwires Research Analyst

  • It’s very common to see complaints and reviews about any company whether it’s stock market or any other industry. Internet has given people freedom to write anything anywhere without checking the facts and people easily believe negative things. Nobody checks whether the posted reviews are genuine or fake.
  • Reviews and complaints has become a big market as well as big business for some forums who not only earn money by highlighting negative reviews through their website, earn advertisement income and take money to remove them from business owners. In fact reviewer can't remove his/her own posted reviews because website owners take money from business owners to remove it.
  • Business owners have to give money to complaint forums in order to surive in the business because anybody will believe on negative reviews but they don't check the facts behind the same.
  • As we stated above, reviews are manipulated and spread to run a business. If there is any genuine complaints from any of our client, we resolve it from our side only by being flexible and understandable. Even we have clear records from SEBI too for getting least complaints but we are not able to handle fake complaints posted on complaints forums.
  • We have seen many reviews which has no relevance with us but still our name is written there and when we contact this online consumer forums, they deny to remove them because this is their business.
  • If you are seeing negative reviews/complaints about Eqwires, please don’t believe until you check the facts and most importantly check our services, support and results in order to get idea about the quality.
  • Everything on the internet you see is not true and it's a business and manipulated for their personal motive.
  • If you really want to see how our services are and what kind of our genuine customer’s reviews, just take it from our customer care numbers on which we not only provide existing clients daily statements but also provide their monthly Profit and loss reports which will give you exact idea of our services
  • Still if you have doubts about our services, you can try our 1 trade service in which you will get 1 trade at minimum cost which will give you live picture of our services.
  • Our generous requests to all our aspirant clients that don’t believe reviews and feedback written on the internet, consumer forums or complaints forums which are purely manipulated for their personal motive but believe only genuine feedback and reviews.
  • If you have queries, ask 100 times on our customer care numbers but don't be judgemental while taking decision about our services.

Who We Are

Who we are

Eqwires Research Analyst is Best SEBI registered Research Analyst and a team of highly skilled professionals which has a vast experience of stock market research and analysis. We believe in power of innovation, creativity and knowledge. Our thorough research and analysis are not only powerful and result oriented but also giving our clients’ satisfactory results.

Eqwires is amongst Top SEBI registered Research Analyst in India and we as a team always believe in to provide best in class service experience to our clients. Our client retention ratio is highest in this industry and client satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Vision

Our Vision

“We are guided and inspired by our vision”

“To be recognized globally for our quality, transparency, integrity and supportive services.”

We believe everyone deserves to have a proper guidance in trading and investment in stock market. Innovation and vast vision makes us happy because our goal is to remove all barriers that can prevent everyone from making an investment in stock market. We are always excited to help you on your journey of Investments in stock market.

Our Key Differentiators

There are numerous firms providing the same or similar kind of services in Indian stock market. In our commitment to deliver top-notch services to our clients, we measure each and every aspect in detail. We take pride in sharing with you a few of our differentiators.

Our all services are personalized which is not common for all. Our Research recommendations are security specific recommendations with dedicated support. We focus on each and every client personally by allocating dedicated relationship manager and they provide dedicated support as per your need.

We believe in quality trading rather than providing too many number of trades. Too many trades not only confuse you but also waste your time and money. We provide limited trading recommendations as per market stability and conditions.

We always advise our customers to take profit home or withdraw it periodically so that they can use that money or they can invest somewhere else.

We never believe in Tele calling or SMS marketing so we don’t have any tele marketing team to call or harass everyone in the market. We have only qualified skilled people to provide dedicated support to our existing clients.

Our business has grown by word of mouth publicity. We always try to satisfy our existing client which not only create positive impact on our clients but also give us more business by getting references. So we don’t have to do any kind of tele marketing to generate clients.

We always focus on customer retention and provide them proper services that’s why we have highest customer retention ratio and least clients’ complaints.

Our team is always trained to satisfy our existing clients and satisfy them by giving them dedicated support and satisfactory research recommendations and that’s why they don’t have to search for new clients.

As a part of our core values, we always provide full support in any kind of situation. Where other companies stop responding in adverse situation, our team is trained to provide full support in adverse situations.

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